2 comments on “Things that keep people up at night

  1. Heck, you can get your answers to these questions by reading Asimov! :-). You may not know it but part of my job involves a bit of providing context to science in order to demonstrate value (to steal your words). And it’s interesting that the question about keeping particle physics alive is a worrying one for these people, as they do not seem good at providing context. A pretty insular group IMHO.

    • Hi John!
      Asimov was in my top three authors growing up, which were,

      Robert Heinlein
      Isaac Asimov
      Piers Anthony

      I always liked how the last three initial were HAA!

      I empathize slightly with particle physicists in their questioning of their own value. I also find it slightly humorous. I sometimes wonder why chemists never really question their value, even though the theoretical foundations of that field are effectively complete. I do think its really theorists and experimentalists that are scratching their heads.

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